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Independent living in a retirement community: The best of both worlds

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Independent living in a Retirement Village or Lifestyle Resort is a great way to downsize and give you more time to focus on enjoying your retirement. Retirement Villages are not ‘old peoples homes’ but are designed for anyone over the age of 50 who is able to live independently without requiring regular assistance with day-to-day activities. They are popular with retirees looking to travel freely or escape the burden of managing the family home, providing the freedom to live their lives as they choose whilst being part of a safe and supportive community environment.

Most villages and resorts give residents access to a wonderful range of leisure activities and offer amenities such as pools, clubhouses, bowling greens and wellness centres. The communities can also offer other services designed to make residents lives easier as they age, e.g. home care services including cleaning and food delivery.

Village Sales is dedicated to independent living and allows you to search and compare Retirement Villages & Lifestyle Resorts for sale in any location across Australia including Sydney, the NSW Central Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Common retirement questions & answers

The decision to make the move into a retirement village or resort can often be a difficult decision that involves lots of researching. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to assist you. Please visit our Resources page for further retirement living resources and frequently asked questions.

Independent living in a retirement village or over 50’s resort, is a lifestyle choice for anyone over the age of 50 who wishes to enjoy an independent, active, social, safe and secure way of living in a community environment. It is ideal for anyone who is able to live independently with minimal assistance required. Retirement villages and resorts can provide upkeep services to residents and offer amenities including internet access, swimming and exercise facilities, and recreation centres for social activities.

Aged care facilities provide support to senior Australians who require daily personal assistance and are unable to live independently. Aged care facilities are traditionally smaller in size than retirement villages, and the facilities themselves are often funded or subsidised by the government. Aged care facilities generally provide residents with laundry and cleaning services, assistance with personal care, meals, and medication.

Independent living is suited to anyone over the age of 50 who is able to live independently without requiring regular specialist assistance with day-to-day activities.

Independent living is a great option for anyone:

  • Looking to retire and enjoy their retirement
  • Wanting to downsize from their current home
  • Seeking an independent, active, social, safe and secure way of living
  • Who wants to travel without having to worry about their property
  • Wanting to be part of a friendly and supportive community

Whilst retirement villages and over 50’s resorts are similar with both offering independent living, they use different contractual and financial models. They are also regulated under separate consumer protection legislation. It is important to understand these differences before making any decision. Anyone looking to make the move into a retirement village or over 50’s resort should always seek legal and financial advice before making a decision.

For further information see: Retirement Living Council Fact Sheet – Retirement Villages and Lifestyle Parks: What’s the difference.

Our Resources page contains several useful links to further information including a link to each states Fair Trading website and a link to the Retirement Living Council website.

Some of the main reasons retirees make the move to a retirement village include:

Community – Village residents enjoy the benefits of living within a community of like-minded people at the same stage of life and have access to increased social opportunities leading to richer and broader social lives.

Quality of Life – Freedom from home maintenance duties and heavy gardening work is another prized aspect of village life; fewer chores leaves more time for leisure activities and socialising. With modern villages offering resort-style amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, libraries and games rooms, there’s never a dull moment. Over 60% of retirees looking to make the move into a village are doing so for lifestyle reasons.

Convenience – Most villages are located close to amenities and services and provide reliable transport to nearby metropolitan centres. For residents who enjoy travel, the ability to simply “lock and leave” their home at any time, safe in the knowledge that it will be taken care of in their absence, is a significant advantage.

Security and Independence – Village residents enjoy a greater sense of security and independence than the general community. More than 90% of resident’s experience improved physical and emotional well-being after moving into their new homes, while 98% of newly ensconced residents indicate they are happy with their decision to move into a retirement village and would do so again, if given the choice.

With so many support services and the company of compatible neighbours, life is happy and comfortable in a retirement village.

You can search for vacancies in retirement villages and over 50’s resorts using the search fields at the top of the Village Sales homepage. Simply enter your preferred location and any other requirements you have then select the Search button.

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When you have located a property that potentially meet your needs, it is recommended that you visit the property directly. Whilst it is possible to gather property information online, it should not be replied upon solely for decision making.

Visiting a property directly will give you the opportunity to further assess its suitability and gather important information, for example potential costs involved and locality. If you are unable to visit a property due to its location or other circumstances, other alternatives include:

  • Meet with the village operator directly at a Retirement Village Expo
  • Schedule a holiday to the area you wish to move to and assess multiple properties whilst you are there
  • Contact the property representative directly to discuss the details and further options

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